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05122017 3D in Review "Trouble in Arduino Land"


t has been brought to our attention that false claims were made during one of interviews with Federico Musto, the CEO of Arduino srl, which may deepen the divide between the Arduino camps...

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3D in Review for 11/06, 2015 "A powerful message in a speck of dust"


In this episode we have the "Great Fredini" aka Fred Kahl filling in for Chris this Friday to talk about some of Fred's favorites, his trip to Google and of course the "3D" news, which one of news items and our theme for this week, is talking about...

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3D in Review for October 24 - 31, 2015 "High Tech 3D Spookery"


In this episode we look at Orbec, Tiny Boy and Gest as well as updates from Mike on NEODIVR and "Graveyard"

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3D in Review for 10/16/2015 "Who is the Mattel Viewmaster for?"


In this episode Mike talks about his experience with the Mattel View-Master and wondering how many children have an IPD (Interocular Pupil Distance) of 60 mm and how easy it was to buy extra VR goodies in-app. Plus we look back our 2-year anniversary rou

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Special 2-Year Anniversary Roundtable Discussion


In this special 2-year anniversary episode of ‘All Things 3D' Chris and I are going to look at the history and growth of personal 3D with some of the leading voices in the 3D realm.

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Interview with the Asfand Khan "Guy in Charge of Tech" at eora 3D


In the interview with the Movers & Shakers in the 3D realm, we talk to the engineer behind 'eora 3D', and revolutionary concept in mobile high resolution laser scanning.

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3D in Review for 9/18 - 10/2, 2015 "Being Van Gough"


Thanks to Ruslan's fantastic 3D art and NEODiVR, you can find out what is like to be Van Gough.

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3D in Review 09/18/2015 "MEDx"


We are back in our new 30 minute format. Join us as we talk about the news & tips of the week, oh and little thing called MEDx

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3D in Review 06/26/2015 "Falling Back to Earth"


In this episode we talk about Autodesk's new updates to Fusion 360, news about Carbon3D with Ford & Legacy Effects, Simplify3D & itSeez3D 3.0 update and Mike's thoughts on using them and James' success in printing ball bearings.

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3D in Review 06/19/2015 "Let's bow our heads"


In this episode we cover 3D Systems announcement of iSense iPhone 6 support, otoy's "Render the Metaverse" contest, why TechRepublic thinks 3D printers suck, Amir's (Sixense) hollow plea for patience to its backers on Kickstarter

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