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This is the podcast where Chris Kopack and Mike Balzer talk about what is going on in the 3D industry with guests from around the world who are making their mark in this new frontier.

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3D in Review for 10/3 - 10/9, 2015 “Who Can Afford Hololens?”


Guest Crasher: Jonathan Schipper - Gemsense:  9-axis motion, Bluetooth controlled wearable.

3D Fabrication

Mike - “Elevan” by ISG3D new large bed under $1500 FDM printer on Kickstarter.

Chris - Makerbot lays off another 20% of its workforce.

3D in Design, Architecture & Engineering:

Mike - China again unveils the world’s largest 3D printer

Chris -Rock Print: A zero-waste 3D-printed structure made only of rock and thread

3D in Medicine:

Mike - Four year old saved by 3D printing

3D Scanner Darkly (3D scanning news):

Mike - Intel R200 Developer kit is here (actually I lost it for a week) and the latest HP Surface Pro like tablet called the HP Spectre x2 also includes the same sensor built right into the back.

Chris -Portable 3D scanning with Eora 3D

VR Corner, in a Round Room (Interactive 3D):

Mike - Real Actors, Virtual Movies.  The quest to create multi-axis, multi-positional Movies -- Uncorporeal

Chris -Microsoft promises its $3K HoloLens dev kit for Q1 2016

Spelunking in the Tech Cave:

Mike - NEODiVR “Loupe” is here!  Meet NEODiVR Jr. and my plans for Kickstarter.

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